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Lesson #7 (of 10) on producing a track from scratch in Apple's Logic software!

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This is lesson #7 in a 10-part series on sequencer production, "Producing a Track From Scratch", in which I'm building one of our play-along tracks starting from the default song in Logic and using only Garage Band sounds. The idea is to show how the drums, bass, percussion, and keyboard comping are arranged or programmed, how we can shape a nice mix even out of Garage Band's mediocre sounds, and how I work Logic in an efficient way. In the first 6 lessons in this series, we've spent about an hour and a half setting up Logic from scratch, getting sounds in, a rough mix working, and getting the groove going.  Lessons after this one include one in which we focus on the mix, and one where we do a quick round of mastering on the overall sound.  This Logic song is available to subscribers as a Logic Project download to examine and experiment with, and as a "pre-mixed" source for your own tracks.  

In this lesson, we come in the next day to work on the track, which is always a good time to assess what we have going with a fresh head. So we’ll spend a bit of time fixing the first few issues that hit us, then move on to work on how we’re going to take what we have and evolve it to the next section. We’re also going to experiment some with bending this polymetric piece more toward a 12/8 feel and somewhat out of our 3/4 feel.

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