Download 3 sample tracks here

To celebrate the release of BURN, my iOS play-along app, memberships to are DEEPLY DISCOUNTED for a limited time!

You can click here to download your 3 sample Play-along tracks

These 3 tracks include:

  • Funk 1 in G- (bass line also pretty much works for G7, if you like) at 124bpm
  • Funk 1 in Bb, I-VI-II-V progression, 112bpm
  • Latin 1 in F, "Sunny Changes" (F-, Eb-, Dbmaj7, C7alt), 145bpm

This is a tiny sampling of the tracks that will be available to members;  there's a straight-ahead one coming next, followed by a new one on the first of every month thereafter, and all of them will come in all 12 keys, at least 2 different tempos, and with one modal bass line and one set of changes to blow on in all 12 keys.  Have fun!

Click the link below to subscribe for full access to all 60+ videos (with more coming each month) and the first 2 complete sets of play-along tracks (funk and latin feels, a total of 96 separate mp4s):