BURN – A World Class Rhythm Section in your iOS device
BURN – A World Class Rhythm Section in your iOS device


Created by multiple Grammy-winning keyboardist/producer George Whitty (Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Richard Bona, Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews), BURN is the ultimate practice partner! The app comes with play-along tracks in 3 styles, 6 progressions (3 modal and 3 with chord changes), each in all 12 keys and in 2 different tempos per style.  Featuring George on bass and keys and world-class drummer Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra, Michel Camillo, Bill Evans) on drums, these tracks GROOVE and offer maximum flexibility to the practicing musician.  Play with the entire rhythm section, or use the selector buttons to mute your instrument and sit in with the band.  Pick a style, choose either the modal (single-key) backing tracks or the chord progressions, pick a key and tempo and BURN!  State-of-the-art sound quality and musicianship sets this app apart, and the loops are long with plenty of variation;  no 20-second looped monotony here.  This app is designed to provide maximum motivation to musicians at any level in the form of tracks that are a kick to play over, while offering the quickest access to whatever you need to practice on.

For use by ALL MUSICIANS (whatever you play, BURN can be configured for you to fit right in)

A total of 144 different configurations of chord progression, key and tempo

 Don’t just practice:  BURN!

"Burn is an innovative, interactive play along app. Finally the music minus one format has entered the 21st century. Great for beginners as well as seasoned pros. I love it! Kudos, George!" - Dean Brown, guitarist for Marcus Miller, the Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn...
"George Whitty, the master keyboard player and musician, puts his golden touch to this fabulous music accompaniment app. The grooves here will keep the practicing musician infinitely inspired. "Burn" is burning!" - Drew Zingg, guitarist for Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald...

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Chord progressions are classic changes:  

  • Funk 1:  Modal (minor) and I-VI-II-V
  • Jazz 1:  Modal (Dominant 7th) and Minor Blues
  • Latin 1:  Modal (minor) and "Sunny" changes (in C:  C-7, Bb- to Eb7, Abmaj7, G7alt)

CLICK HERE to download the charts